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Databases And SQL For Data Science

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Short description Databases retain a significant amount of the world's data. SQL (Structured Query Language) is an useful programming language that allows you to interface with databases and retrieve data. You'll need to know how to work with databases and SQL if you want to be a data scientist. The goal of this course is to teach database ideas as well as to help you understand and apply core SQL techniques. It's also designed to help you get started with SQL access in a data science environment. - -
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  • Manage databases for data science.
  • Create SQL statements to extract information, create new records, update, and remove data from a database.
  • Apply SQL techniques for the retrieval, filtering, and processing of data for analysis
  • Discuss database design concepts and process of producing an efficient and tuned database
  • Elaborate on data storage and indexing options and perform query optimization.
  • Use SQL for database creation, manipulation, and control.
  • Perform basic database administration tasks.
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